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Client Testimonials 

As a performing arts critic and, more pertinently, in my role as a playwright, Joyce Gyimah has been a great source of information, expertise, and advice.

When reviewing professional dance, drama, and music-theatre based productions – as I do for several online titles – it is often to Miss Gyimah that I turn, should I need any technical advice or corroborative information.

More specifically, she was of great assistance with respect to my original music-theatre piece, ‘Pattie-shop diaries’.

Having toiled over the piece for a number of years, I asked her to have a look at the script and give me an honest assessment.

While being complimentary about the basic framework, she offered some suggestions that altered my thoughts on the piece.

As a result, I revamped the script and since doing so have garnered interest from several producing companies, London theatres, and funding bodies.

The piece’s reversal of fortunes included a placement on the ‘BEAM1’8musical-theatre platform at Theatre Royal Stratford East, and a £16,000 Arts Council workshop grant (all of which led to 2 successful London showings in the summer of 2018).

As of now, I am arranging a series of meetings which should, hopefully, culminate with ‘Pattie-shop diaries’ending up on a professional London stage within the next eighteen months. I have Joyce Gyimah to thank for her clarity and expertise. I would highly recommend Miss Gyimah as a Consultant and Manager.

 Mike Scott- Harding

 Playwright, Arts Critic, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Lecturer



I have known Joyce for the past year and during this time, I have found her to be extremely professional and diligent. Joyce's strengths are in motivation and communication while understanding the challenges that face organisations and artists. Her interpersonal skills are second to none. Her enthusiasm and passion for her work is inspiring. She is committed to achieving results and will help you develop your work, build relationships and strategically build your brand. I greatly appreciate the time and effort Joyce puts into forwarding my vision for Jazz Fx.


Paul Westwood,

Musician Artistic Director, Paul Westwood’s Jazz Fx 




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