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Making an impact: One step at a time!.

 Joyce is an experienced Consultant, Event Manager, Producer, Entrepreneur, Activist and all round  Humanitarian.

Joyce has extensive experience in supporting organisations in strategically planning cultural programmes, as well as embedding equality, diversity and inclusion within their working practices.

 She has gained work as a dancer, dancer teacher, manager, producer and consultant. The above has  enabled Joyce  to gain strong leadership skills in change management, event management, budget control and report writing. Her current projects include  BAiD (Black Artists in Dance) as Co-founder,  Second Home, and Education. 

Current Projects 


Founded in 2014 by Joyce Gyimah-Distefano and Gerrard Martin, BAID are a UK based organisation dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Black dancers, artists and academics.

Second Home 

Private Hire and Events Manager.

Development, Management and implementation of events across 4 London Sites, located in Spitalfields, Holland Park, London Fields and Clerkenwell. 


Life Long Learning provider:

Responsible for the planning, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of a year round programme of work for adult learners, including curriculum development, choreography and performance.


07958 305 465



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